Worship at First Baptist Garner


What can you expect when you attend a worship service at First Baptist Garner?


First, know we are glad you’re here and can’t wait to meet you!  Our worship services are a special time that we spend together as a church family, and we are especially thankful you have chosen to share that time with us. 


Our church family is encouraged to attend worship service each Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  We do live stream each service, and while we understand there are times you cannot be present, we highly encourage you to attend in-person whenever possible.  Our live steam is a blessing when used appropriately but should never take the place of in-person, corporate worship with the church family.


Music – Our music is a blend of current and contemporary praise and worship music and traditional hymns – often presented in a new arrangement.  We do not bow a knee to preferences, but worship at First Baptist Garner reaches across generations and is loved by both young people and senior adults.  If you love to sing or play an instrument, there might be a place for you in the First Baptist Garner Worship Ministry – check it out. 


Dress – From suits to sandals, you are welcome to come as you are.  If your family loves to dress in Sunday best – please come.  If you enjoy more casual dress, please come.  We do encourage modest and appropriate dress in any circumstance. 


Childcare – Preschoolers (birth through 5) are invited to join Wiggle Worship during 10:30 worship.  Children 5 and older are invited to enjoy worship with their families.  This is a perfect time for kids to see mom and dad model how to worship in a corporate setting. 


Once you arrive, you’ll see greeters on St. Mary’s Street at our front entrance who will take you inside to the Guest Connect Table.  There, a friendly face will be waiting to get you and your family settled.  Read more about planning a visit HERE.


At First Baptist Garner, our culture is warm and friendly, and we hope you feel welcome here.  There’s a place for you and your family at First Baptist Garner!

Get In Touch

Email us with your prayer requests, praise reports, or questions about a relationship with Jesus.  If you have questions about a first-time visit or would like to know which Life Group might be best for you - email us!