At first Baptist Garner, we offer adults a couple of ways to connect with other like-minded folks - Life Groups and Bible Studies.  What's the difference?  We're glad you asked!

Life Groups - Adults find deep connections that offer community, Bible study, prayer, and accountability while enjoying meaningful fellowship and encouragement.  Life groups are ongoing, meet regularly and follow the curriculum pattern established by Sunday morning sermons. These are folks with whom you grow close and share life's toughest moments together.   Life Groups meet on Sunday morning, Wednesday night, and throughout the week

Bible Studies - Adults also find connections here as well, but the time spent together is based on a topical study where folks can drop in and out as their schedule allows and interests dictate.  Most Bible studies meet on Wednesday nights.

We encourage everyone to faithfully commit to a Life Group and begin doing life with other believers, but choose a Bible Study to learn more and grow deeper in biblical studies as you are able and time allows.

Sunday Morning Life Groups - 9am

Building 1
Coed 50+ Rm 100 Ray Dunlap (below the choir loft)

Building 2
Men 70+ Rm 200 Eldon Meacham, Vince Webb
Coed 70+ Rm 201 Billy Mitchell, Bobby Woodard
Coed 60s-70s Rm 203 Don Mathis, Johnny Gatlin
Coed 70s-80s Rm 204 Robert Clevenger, Charlie Stroud, Earl Rose
Ladies 50+ Rm 205 Kay Morgan
Ladies 70+ Rm 206 Diane Mitchell, Gail Bannister
Coed 50s-60s Rm 207 Gregg Welch

Building 4
Coed 60+ Rm 201 (choir suite) Paul Capps
Coed 30s-40s Rm 202 Ken and Amanda Powell
Couples 50s-60s Rm 203 Ed & Pam Burleson, Todd & Lori Williamson
Young Couples Rm 205 Jeff & Heather Stroud

Building 5 (CLC)
Coed 60 and Up Rm MP 1 Jimmy Green
Coed 39+ Rm MP 3 Bruce and Janice Foggiano

Wednesday Evenings - 6pm

Couples with young children, Bldg. 2, Rm 200
Couples with preschoolers, Bldg. 2, Rm 204
Spanish Life Group - Estudios Biblicos Bldg. 2, Rm 201

Need help finding a group?  We're happy to help!

More questions?  Contact Pastor Alex!

Get In Touch

Email us with your prayer requests, praise reports, or questions about a relationship with Jesus.  If you have questions about a first-time visit or would like to know which Life Group might be best for you - email us!